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Offer custom wine selections, manage memberships, ship out
your releases.

The Wine Club Site makes it easy to manage & grow your wine club.

It takes only 23 minutes to set up (really!)


Manage everything in one place.


The Wine Club Site integrates
with tools you can’t live


More Tools

Wine club Settings

Customize Membership Expiration

Set a start date & end date for memberships. You also have the option to let memberships run until your customer chooses to cancel.

Customize Membership Expiration
Realtime wine club inventory
Realtime wine club shipping

Calculate Real-time Shipping Costs

The Wine Club Site can pull real time FedEx and UPS shipping rates based on your members’ shipping address.

Square POS settings for Wine club

Configure your Square POS settings

Add members to specific Square groups. This is ideal if you want to separate regular retail customers in your system from wine club members.

Square POS

No wine gets left behind Wine Club software

Wine club support

Reliable Technical Support

Our team will make sure to answer your questions & provide assistance when you need it.

boost wine club

Boosts Productivity

Grow your wine club painlessly by skipping the hefty manual process & focusing on what matters- your customers.

user friendly wine club software

User-Friendly Interface

Built by experts for your team, including your non-tech savvy staff!

wine club growth

Skip the spreadsheets & grow your wine club