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Why The Wine Club Site?

Still relying on spreadsheets and mountains of paper to ship your wine to your club members? Our easy to use platform is designed to simplify your process of getting the right wine to the right person and at the right time. From user registration to shipment tracking you can rest assured that you don't miss another customer's shipment and you can keep a watchful eye on your churn rate and the life time value of a new member. Growing your membership is no longer a daunting task with features like automated billing, flexible shipment schedules and automatic shipping labels.

Proven Success


Credit Card Billing

Our flexible billing system allows you to bill your members with securely stored credit card information without ever having to use the actual credit card number to perform a transaction.

Safe and Secure

The Wine Club Site uses state of the art 256bit SSL and is PCI compliant using Stripe for Credit card billing!

Instant Free Setup

Setup your clubs and get ready to ship in less than 30 minutes (really!).

Membership Management

Keep a close eye on your membership numbers, who is up for renewal and recoup expired members.


Say good bye to traditional software such as Excel and Word and let the Wine Club Site manage all of your customers needs. Our site allows you to manage and track who is getting what, and when in a matter of minutes. This will allow you to spend more time on what matter most, your customers. All customer and club information is handled in a secure and reliable environment.

Take your wine club to the cloud and manage it from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your customer's data will be securely accesible from your mobile device or multiple computer screens simultaneously. All upgrades are free and handled behind the scenes by us.

You get to control billing, customer information and customer correspondence. With the Wine Club Site your new members can sign up online from anywhere, or in your tasting/retail store from a tablet or mobile device. The site allows you to manage all shipments of your various levels of memberships without skipping a beat and regardless of the size of your club.

These days security is key to any online success operation. We take your security and your customers security very seriously and rely on SSL encryption and state of the art PCI Compliant back-end systems from Stripe.com to prevent any credit card information ever getting into the wrong hands.

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